HISTORY OF THESE AMAZING RABBITS: Chinchilla Rabbits breed was started in France in the early 1900.  They breed was brought to America in 1919 and was show cased at the New York State Fair.  The rabbits were originally breed for their fur but the American’s wanted a rabbit that could feed them as well as keep us warm.  The rabbits were selectively breed to be larger and have a small bone structure.  The American Chinchilla was born.  Through all this selective breeding the American Chinchilla kept it’s best trait, it’s wonderful personality.  But even a nice attitude could not help this breed when the fur trade decreased and families started buying their meat from the store.  In the late 1940’s the population started to decrease and has continued to decrease.  Currently the American Chinchilla is listed as Critically endangered.  But hopefully through education and awareness we can help to prevent this wonderful breed from getting wiped out by the Californian and the New Zealand Rabbits, which are currently the meat rabbit of choice in the United States.  A two day old baby bunny from our first batch of babies.  There are so cute!  Summer 2013 phone 1042 Summer 2013 phone 1060 Summer 2013 phone 1062

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