For Sale

Eggs:  We have wonderful brown eggs available for sale.  They are $4.00 a dozen.  Our birds get the chance to wonder around the yard so their diet and the love we give them create amazing eggs.  I have been told by our customers that they make the best poached eggs you have ever tasted.  Summer 2013 phone 926

Please note that prices are firm for the quantities stated. Contact us to request prices on larger quantities or custom groups.

Due to some not nice people showing up at our farm, we no longer are able to sell from the farm.  We meet buyers in public places.  This makes us sad that we can’t trust everyone, but unfortunately that is our world right now. 


We sell sides of pork for $4.25 per pound hanging weight.  Request and deposits taken in the spring, pork available for pick up in about September.   See the post about buying a side of pork for more information or contact us page.



23 thoughts on “For Sale

    • I am very sorry for the late reply. The only rabbit that I have is a doe that is almost a year old. I am selling her for $25 because I have not bred her yet. I was going to keep her for my breeding stock and changed my mind.

  1. Tried to contact you previously but I don’t think my email
    Went through. I’d like to buy a buck to breed with my 2 female American chinchillas. How do I go sbout setting it up with you? I’m in York, pa so I can pick them up. Also, to the other person in Pa, I could get yours too if you want
    But you’d need to get it from me in York

    • Hi Anthony, I responded to your email, but it must not have gone through. With out new move to the farm it has taken a while to get internet set up. I do not have any bucks available right now. I am going to breeding in the next two weeks, so I will have more babies for sale in the fall.

  2. Hello! Your website is adorable and I’ve enjoyed reading your stories. My family is similar, I’ve always been passionate about food and where it comes from, on our 1/3 of an acre in the ‘burbs we’ve had chickens for over a year and we just got a few rabbits. I still dream of a farm 🙂 I am interested in buying just 1 doe from you. My oldest son and I recently learned how to raise and process rabbits, and we are all enjoying the rabbits company and look forward to raising them for meat as well. I’m hoping this is a good way to reach you in terms of possibly purchasing one of your chinchillas. Hopefully your new farm is not too far from Baltimore. Thank you!

    • Hi Sande, I would love to talk to you more about a doe. I have one that I am debating parting with right now, but all of our does are prego so we will have plenty for you to choose from in a couple of weeks. Send me a message in the contact us area and we can continue to talk through email and make sure we find the right rabbit for you!

  3. I purchased a trio of Chins (buck and 2 does) from Lavender in August of 2014. They have been great animals. They are a very docile breed, and I’ve had 3 successful litters from each doe. This is a great stock and I couldn’t be more pleased.

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